Personal Workflow

Looks like I could use some order.

Having to juggle many balls, I decided that some streamlining is needed. My first approach is to try some variation of the Getting Things Done approach, using Things.

Easing myself into this. I will start by using it as a glorified to-do list. I hope to be able to report progress here (I guess this is the first to-do:).

I am also looking at other software to simplify software development workflow. I will start by using the Mercurial version control system.

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  1. #1 by studielyst on March 25, 2012 - 3:02 pm

    Great blog! (thought I don’t understand all math-posts) 🙂

    I personally tried out GTD, but it ended with a mess. My problem was that I 1) didn’t prioritize correctly (by not deleting unimportant tasks!) and 2) didn’t implement the system totally. I hear that GTD works, if you use it consistently and use some time initially to implement the system. I recommend you putting the GTD Workflow as your wallpaper for a while untill you remember the algorithm.

    Oh – and one last thing: Only use tested systems (like the one you mention in your post)! Don’t waste your time spending hours trying to figure out how to make the “perfect” system that can save you a couple of minutes!

    Good luck!

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