The Sudanese Elephant and the Blind Men

This is a simple story. The first aim is to test wordpress publishing to facebook. The story uses the well known Blind Men and an Elephant.


Once upon a time, a number of blind men came to an elephant. Everyone of them touches a part of the elephant and describes it according to what they felt. “It’s like a tree branch” says one. “It is like a wall” says the other. “No, no. It’s like a rope, a smooth rope. How can you get it so wrong?”. “Rope, really? More like a pillar. It is strong, round and seems to be built of a single stone.”.

How the story continues is different in the different versions. How the story continues here is up to you: they may collaborate to give a complete description of the elephant. They might clash. A passer by may see the elephant and explain the situation to them. They may agree to disagree. It’s up to you, really.


The Sudanese version: a lot of people see different institutions not fit for purpose. The Ministry of Finance is not working right. The telecom industry is broken. Of course the National Electricity Corporation is mismanaged. Ditto for Sudatel. Central Bank of Sudan is not efficient as a central bank should be. Civil Aviation Administration is responsible for accidents. University of Khartoum is malfunctioning. Khartoum Teaching Hospital is disgusting. Grid computing is in the hands of amateurs. Major waste of money in construction projects.

How the story continues is, again, up to you. But, please, remember one thing. Prolonging the breakdown of Sudan is not in the interest of any of you. But that is the subject of the next post. Titled: “the Ongoing Somalification of Sudan”.


Have a nice day.

  1. #1 by amyassin on October 8, 2012 - 1:16 pm

    You know what they say: amateurs built the Arc, professionals built the Titanic 🙂

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